Welcome to PersonOps by Earl Lee, a wellness & tech newsletter for living a high-performance lifestyle by optimizing fitness, mindfulness, and productivity to excel in your career and personal life.

I'm currently exploring. Previously, I completed a year as an MS/MBA at Harvard Business School, invested at Costanoa Ventures, helped start FiscalNote (Series D) as an earl-lee employee, dipped my toes in the corporate world at Google, and studied Computer Science at Yale. In my free time, I love working on growth in all aspects of my life—fitness, mindfulness, and productivity. For more about me, feel free to check out my personal website.

In this newsletter, I’ll share practical advice and strategy on living a high-performance lifestyle. If you’re like me, you prioritize fitness but also strive for excellence in career and personal relationships. The high-performance lifestyle is simply that: Pushing yourself both physically and mentally to live a happy and fulfilling life utilizing the latest in technology, psychology, and medicine to do so—essentially Self-Improvement and Quantified Self 2.0.

It’s important to note what I won’t be doing. I won’t be pushing anything I write about whether that’s the latest wearable or the newest health food trend—which I’ll be sure to tell you about before it’s a trend—as a panacea. Ultimately, living a high-performance lifestyle is hard work, and optimizations are just that—optimizations. They may elevate you the last 10% but the first 90% is no secret. I hope this newsletter serves as motivation to do the work.

From time-to-time you may also see me writing about tech news, as it’s the industry I work in and practically everything these days are in some ways shaped by technology. I made a first attempt at this a few weeks ago on my personal website, but will start posting those musings on here.

Some ideas for what I’ll be sharing:

  • How I went from 24% to 10% body fat by losing 35 lbsin 6 months, half of which was under quarantine and with only resistance bands, a pull-up bar, and a couple kettlebells. Also, lessons learned from trying to put on muscle and going from 150 lbs and 17% body fat to 170 lbs and 24% body fat.

  • Implications of Apple’s WWDC announcements last week as it relates to “healthOS” and future of connected health.

  • Standing vs. sitting for productivity and calorie burn.

  • Cutting through the intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet fad and the real, boring reason they might help but are not magic pills for weight loss.

  • Carb timing for optimizing nutrition.

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